AAR Brand New Shamrock Badge Boy Sporran

SKU: 2225-BLK

AAR Brand New Boy Sporran with Shamrock Badge 2 Tassels (Black Fur)
Sporran Size 5X7.5″
Free Sporran Leather Belt & Chain 28″ long
Available Kilt Sporran in Black, Brown & White Fur with 2 Tassels


AAR Brand New Shamrock Baby Sporran Welsh Dragon. Childs Kilt Sporran Available in
Black, White and Brown Fur. Shamrock Crest/Baby Kilt Sporran Leather. Scottish &
Highland Child’s Kilt Sporran with Shamrock Badge with 2 Fur Tassels. Scottish Kilt
Sporran Baby Shamrock Badge Chrome Finish. Sporran Size 5X7.5″. Free Sporran Leather
Belt & Chain 28″ Long. Leather Sporran Bag use Key rings, Reeds, & other small items
Looks great with or without a kilt & perfect accessory for a bagpipe. Great value
for your Money.


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